A downloadable game for Windows

Plot / Goal

The game involves the player acting as the main protagonist, Davina who is an explorer who comes across an enchanted crystal that gives the player the abilities to shape, morph, and alter the rules of physics on designated objects and in the entire world space.

Davina is an ambitious and young explorer who heard the rumours of a mystical crystal, which holds the power that bends the laws of the universe. She is the main protagonist throughout the game where she is confronted with a lot of obstacles and challenges where her determination allows her to persevere amongst it.

Team Purple Turtle:

Marcus Day - Project Manager, Programmer

David Hanna - Lead Programmer, Designer

Andre Clemente - Creative Lead, Level Designer

Dominic Lafaele - Level Designer, 3D Modeller

Tan Eugene - Lead Animator, 3D Modeller

Daud Sirapandji - 3D Modeller

Tom Maxfield – Audio Engineer/ Composer

Version Info


Lots of bug fixes


Davinas Stone V3.0.zip 71 MB